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The Flight of the Silvers FAQ

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Warning WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!
This FAQ is for readers who finished The Flight of the Silvers. It contains gobs of plot-spoiling details. If you don't want the story ruined, turn back now. Go look at puppies.

Plot Questions — Part 1

At the start of the book, five-year old Hannah detects the bubble shape of the Pelletiers' temporal shift field. Does that mean she already had a hint of chronokinetic ability as a little girl?

Sure seems that way.

Then why wasn't she shifting and speeding on the old world?

That will be explained in Book Two.

Was the old world truly destroyed or was it simply replaced by this alternate Earth?

Destroyed. The Silvers were physically transported to another Earth. Call it lateral time travel.

But the Silvers all arrived in the same geophysical location that they were standing in on the old world, correct?

Correct. Same latitude, same longitude and (unfortunately for some) same altitude.

What happened to Mia's father and brothers?

They left the house to investigate the pre-apocalyptic mayhem. One can assume they were hurt, killed or hopelessly waylaid.

How do the Salgados keep finding the Silvers?

The Silvers are teeming in wavion particles which, thanks to their unique time-bending nature, are very easy to track with the right technology. They can hone in on them from miles away.

By the way, wavion is the public handle of a good friend of mine. That's what I do with my friends. I turn them into particles.

How did Azral first recruit Sterling Quint?

I'd originally included more about this, before my editor and I trimmed for space. Just assume that Azral had a foot in both worlds, and that he had access to whole lot of persuasive cash. Though clearly Quint was following along for the promise of scientific glory more than anything else.

Why did Quint mislead all his employees into thinking that Azral was just a humble Canadian philanthropist?

Perhaps Azral requested it that way. Or perhaps Quint was afraid that one of his underlings would find a way to curry favor with the Pelletiers, thus rendering him expendable.

Why is Evan Rander stuck living the same five years over and over again?

He's stuck on two fronts. For starters, his rewind ability doesn't extend past his first few minutes on the new world, in the little convenience store of Nico Mundis. That's as far back as he can jump, to his annoyance.

Secondly, there's the apocalypse that occurs in five years' time. That's as far forward as he can progress without dying with the rest of the human race. So right before each apocalypse, he jumps all the way back to the beginning. A full restart of events.

The whole process has made him cynical, to put it mildly.

If Evan's done this 55 times already, then he's hundreds of years old in his mind.

Yes. And sadly, none the wiser.

Why is there barely any mention of David and his weirdness struggles in Chapter 10?

Another casualty of text edits. I originally had a good 4-5 pages of David coming to grips with his temporal ability, but the chapter was dragging on. His weirdness, unlike Mia's, was also fairly simple to explain.

Why did Quint keep Theo separate from the other Silvers after he woke up from his coma?

As Azral told Quint, Theo would be a negative presence in the group until his alcohol addiction was addressed and resolved.

Why don't more of the Silvers offer to leave with Zack in Chapter 11 when he decides to depart Terra Vista? You'd think at least David would be curious about the outside world.

All I can tell you is that's David's a complicated kid. You'll learn a lot more about what makes him tick in Book Two.

As for the women in the group, the sisters were united in the "wanna leave but aren't ready" camp, while Mia didn't want to go unless the whole group left together.

How did Rebel and the other Gothams find the Silvers at Sterling Quint's complex in Terra Vista?

Rebel's an augur and Gemma Sunder has the ability to send her consciousness back in time. Assume one of them drew the information from the future.

If that's the case, why aren't they better prepared to deal with the Silvers?

The future's always changing. No one can predict it with 100% accuracy. Even the Pelletiers, arguably the strongest augurs on the planet, are surprised by Rebel's attack on Terra Vista.

What makes Rebel think the Silvers are responsible for the future destruction of his Earth?

Rebel plays a central role in Book Two. His reasons will be fully explained, and the Silvers won't like it one bit.

Why didn't Mia get everyone to evacuate the Pelletier facility the minute she got her dire warnings about Rebel's attack?

Because she had cause to doubt the information from her future selves. As you see a few chapters later, she comes to regret her decision, especially after Hannah calls her out on it.

Why wasn't Future Mia more specific about what was coming and how it could be stopped?

The Future Mias aren't always the most reliable of sources, especially since sending those notes doesn't affect their lives one way or another.

Why did Azral let the Silvers go as they were escaping Terra Vista?

In light of Rebel's attack, Azral looked to the future and came up with a whole new plan for the Silvers.

And that plan is...?

Both the old and the new plan will be revealed in Book Two.

Why does Azral kill all of Quint's physicists in Chapter 13?

As he later explains to Theo, he saw future complications arising from their continued existence, ones that jeopardized his schemes. The Pelletiers look to the future a lot, and base most of their decisions on factors that other people (including the reader) can't see.

What's the deal with Hannah seeing that ghostly vision of herself and Jury Curado at the side of the highway in Chapter 14?

That will be explained in a later volume. Do note that other swifters in this book have complained about hallucinations. Even Amanda saw some weird things when Hannah shifted her at the end of Book One.

Why does Amanda get out of the van, despite Mia's stern warning?

She's not always the most level-headed person when someone she loves (i.e., her sister) is in danger.

How does Evan Rander always know exactly where to find the Silvers?

Mostly through hindsight knowledge. Keep in mind, this is a guy who can rewind his life as often as he sees fit.

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