Daniel Price

Daniel Price, trying hard to look casual after three cans of Pepsi MAX.

About me

I had a more traditional bio on my last website, but it was getting kind of stale after three and a half years. So instead of doing more of the same, here are eighteen random facts about me:

  1. Born in Manhattan, to an Israeli immigrant and a native New Yorker.
  2. Old enough to have seen Star Wars in theaters.
  3. Spent many years working as a layout/production artist for corporate marketing departments. It’s just as exciting as it sounds.
  4. I’ve lived in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco, central Maine, Hollywood, Westwood, and Glendale, California. I now reside in Gilbert, Arizona, with a whole family of Prices, plus two cats and a dog.
  5. The dog will occasionally eat the cats’ poop out of the litter box. This isn’t a fact about me. I just still can’t get over it.
  6. My partner’s name is Nancy Price. Our shared last name is pure wacky coincidence. But now that we’re engaged, hey, timesaver.
  7. We met when she tweeted me about how much she enjoyed The Flight of the Silvers. Then I moved in with her. That’s how much I like compliments.
  8. Though I’m primarily a sci-fi writer, my first novel is about as un-science-fictiony as you can possibly get. The only thing Slick has in common with the Silvers books are my weird sense of humor and an overreliance on adjectives.
  9. My favorite part about writing Silvers? The worldbuilding. Holy crap, is that fun.
  10. My literary agent is actually a Hollywood agent. I hooked up with him during my screenwriting days and he’s stuck with me ever since. He’s awesome.
  11. The Flight of the Silvers and The Song of the Orphans were sold to Penguin/Blue Rider Press as a two-book deal. The War of the Givens, the third and final book in the series, was sold all by its lonesome.
  12. I’m nearly done with Givens, and I’m already having daydreams about the novel after that. All I can tell you is that it’ll be a standalone story, it’ll take place in the near future, and it won’t have any timebending shenanigans.
  13. Though my books are only marginally political, I am an unabashed liberal SJW snowflake in real life.
  14. My favorite TV shows of all time are The Wire, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Firefly. I know this makes me a walking cliché.
  15. Favorite Spielberg movie: Empire of the Sun. If you can get through that ending without crying, then you are dead inside. Dead!
  16. I had a big cancer drama ten years ago and would not recommend the experience. The only thing worse than chemotherapy was fighting with my insurance company on a daily basis.
  17. On the upside, my illness gave me new perspective, much of which is reflected in SilversThe whole series is about time and the many different ways we handle our limited amount of it.
  18. I love hearing from readers, whether they’re new fans or constructive critics. If you happen to e-mail me at just the right time, I might work your name into my latest novel-in-progress. It’s been known to happen on occasion.

For more information about me, go to the Articles & Interviews page. Those who are curious about my writing habits and history can check out my FAQ.