Without warning, the world comes to an end for Hannah and Amanda Given. The sky looms frigid white. The electricity falters. Airplanes everywhere crash to the ground. But the Givens are saved by mysterious strangers, three fearsome and beautiful beings who force a plain silver bracelet onto each sister’s wrist. Within moments, the sky comes down in a crushing sheet of light and everything around them is gone.

Shielded from the devastation by their silver adornments, the Givens suddenly find themselves elsewhere, a strange new Earth where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances.

Soon Hannah and Amanda are joined by four other survivors from their world. Hunted by enemies they never knew they had and afflicted with temporal abilities they never wanted, the sisters and their companions begin a cross-country journey to find the one man who can save them—before time runs out.

Available now from Penguin Random House and Blue Rider Press.

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Praise for The Flight of the Silvers

“The cast is engaging and the author has created an alternate-reality world that is both bewilderingly different and reassuringly familiar…A highly imaginative exercise in world building that also features characters it’s very easy to care about.”

“An absorbing adventure with a fresh take on both the parallel-universe and the paranormal subgenres. You’ll get pulled in.”
…………— Kirkus (starred review)

“This first volume in a planned trilogy is fascinating sf; Price’s strong, engaging characters and fast-moving plot will keep readers on their toes. Highly recommended for fans of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction.”
…………— Library Journal (starred review)

“Price deserves credit for creating immediately relatable characters whose motivations are understandable even when not so commendable. But he deserves out-and-out praise for doing so while constantly upping the temporal ante…Any hours spent reading The Flight of the Silvers will be time well spent.”
…………— BookPage (full review)

“Daniel Price has given readers the first installment of what promises to be a well-wrought sci-fi saga, colored by intriguing ideas and complex characters adrift in a wonderfully weird world. The Flight of the Silvers is thought-provoking, cinematic in scope…and very, very good.”
…………— The Maine Edge

“This is an intricately plotted novel and it is also a beautifully written one. Enjoyable wordplay—including the creation of new words and the clever use of phrases—make The Flight of the Silvers as intellectually engaging as it is fun…an extraordinary work of science fiction and fantasy.”
…………— For Winter Nights blog (full review)


Seven Questions About The Flight of the Silvers

How science-fictiony is this story?
I consider my novel to be more Joss Whedon than Ray Bradbury, but your mileage may vary.

That said, you should avoid it if you have an extremely low tolerance for time-bending shenanigans.

Like what? Time travel?
There’s no actual time travel in the story. Just lots of temporal manipulation. For example, there’s:

  • a woman who can slow down time, allowing her to move at insane speeds but leaving her fragile to injury
  • a man who can rewind his life and make all new decisions, but is trapped in a single five-year era
  • a girl who gets notes from her future selves, which are either helpful or abusive, depending on mood
  • a boy who can dredge up the past as spectral images, whether he’s summoning his own ghost or painting the air with last night’s darkness

And many more. I explore the details and ramifications of each temporal power, which leads to some unique developments.

Who are these so-called Silvers?
The two lead characters are the sisters Hannah and Amanda Given. One’s an actress with a history of bad life decisions. The other’s a nurse with an insufferable excess of virtue. They’re not particularly close.

The ensemble is rounded out by a mordant cartoonist, a shy teenage girl, a brilliant young Australian, and a troubled ex-prodigy. They’re all flawed but decent people in a bad situation. They’ve been chosen for something. They just don’t know what.

What kind of parallel Earth does the story take place in?
This world took a sharp turn at the beginning of the 20th century, with the accidental discovery of a powerful new form of energy. Their technology is significantly more advanced than ours, but their culture’s fifty years behind.

So, not a dystopia then?
It’s not a dystopia or a utopia. Just a topia.

If this is a parallel Earth, does that mean the main characters have alt-world counterparts walking around?
No. On a true parallel Earth, you wouldn’t have a twin. The book explains why.

Is The Flight of the Silvers friendly for YA readers?
There’s salty language scattered throughout the book, plus one scene of non-explicit canoodling. All PG-13 stuff.