It’s been two years since the world collapsed in a sheet of light, obliterating everything on Earth…but not quite everyone. Saved from the apocalypse by three mysterious beings, sisters Hannah and Amanda Given were marked with silver bracelets and transported to an entirely different Earth, a place where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances. Joined by four other survivors from their native world, each wearing an identical, unremovable bracelet, the new companions became known as the Silvers. Afflicted with time bending powers they never wanted, and on the run from unexpected new enemies, the Silvers embarked on a dangerous journey for survival across an alien America—a hunt for answers that bound the group like family, while revealing the gravely sinister intentions of their “saviors”.

But their new Earth is about to suffer the same fate as the old one and the Silvers have only ten weeks to prevent it. Their one hope is to find the remaining survivors of their home world—a quest that will take them from Mexico to England to a radically changed Japan—to gain more allies for the final confrontation with the godlike beings who first brought them to this Earth. Failure will mean death for billions of people. But victory may come at a cost the Silvers truly can’t afford.

Available late next year in softcover, e-book, and audiobook formats.

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Thirteen Questions About The War of the Givens

Is this freaking book ever going to come out?
Yes it is. A completed draft of the manuscript, all 940 pages of it, has been submitted to the publisher, and has already gone through two editing phases. Due to the book’s sheer length, the production time will take longer than the average novel, which is why Dutton has set the pub date to February 2024.

Is this really the end of the Silvers saga?
Yup. This is it. There’ll be no prequels, sequels, sidequels or spinoffs. The story most definitively ends with this book.

When does it take place?
The War of the Givens starts thirteen months after the end of The Song of the Orphans, and the Silvers have changed in numerous ways. Some of them will be different than the characters you remember, for reasons that will be quickly explained.

What if I haven’t read the first two books in a while? Will it be easy to get back into the swing of things?
I weaved as much recap information into the narrative as I could, so readers can catch up on all the dangling plot threads. If that’s not enough, I’ll have lots of resources on this website before the book is released, including a badly-drawn recap of The Song of the Orphans, an updated character guide, and an expanded glossary of all the temporal/Altamerican buzzwords that you knew and forgot over the years.

Naturally, those who reread the first two books will have the most cohesive reading experience, but I’m determined to make it as easy as possible for the folks who want to jump right into Book 3.

You said in the Series FAQ that a good chunk of this book takes places outside the United States. Which countries will we see?
You’ll be seeing the alt-world versions of a whole lot of places, including Mexico, Cuba, England, Scotland, Japan, Mongolia, even a little bit of Antarctica. Our heroes will be doing a lot of traveling in this one, and they’ll learn firsthand how the Cataclysm changed the planet.

Do the “Givens” in the title refer to Hannah and Amanda?
It actually has a double meaning that will become clear as the story progresses, but part of it definitely involves Hannah and Amanda. The sisters will be back in the forefront in this final volume. Their love for each other, and the sacrifices they make for each other, will drive a good chunk of the plot.

Will there be a lot of new characters to keep track of?
There’ll be a bunch of new orphans introduced in this book, but only a few of them will become major characters. The narrative still revolves around the core cast of the series: the Silvers, Peter, Heath and Melissa.

What about Ioni? Do we finally learn her deal?
Oh yes. Ioni plays a huge role in this book. By the end of it, you’ll know everything there is to know about her.

Will the Pelletiers and Evan Rander finally get what’s coming to them?
I can’t answer that. All I can say is that they’ll each get a lot of screen time in The War of the Givens, most especially Evan and Semerjean.

How long is this book compared to the other two?
The final layout hasn’t been done yet, so I don’t have an official page count. My guess is that it’ll be close to 800 pages, which will make it the longest book in the trilogy.

Why is there no hardcover release?
That was a last-minute Penguin decision, involving business logic that flies over my head. It’s their right to publish it however they see fit. My only hope is that someday, fate willing, they’ll release a matching set of hardcovers/softcovers for the shelf aficionados who want them.

Will Rich Orlow, the narrator of the first two audiobooks, be coming back for this one?
Unfortunately, I don’t know yet. A whole different company will be handling the recording of The War of the Givens, and I’m not entirely sure how they operate. I put in a strong request for them to hire Rich, since he did such an amazing job on the first two audiobooks. I’ll update this page as soon as I learn more.

Will any of my favorite characters die? And if so, where can I find you?
Uhh, I gotta go.