A Kirkus Reviews “Best of 2017” book pick!

The end of the world was just the beginning for Hannah and Amanda Given. Saved from apocalypse by three mysterious beings, the sisters were marked with a silver bracelet and transported to an entirely different Earth—a place where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances.

There, the Givens were joined by four other survivors in silver: an acerbic cartoonist, a shy teenage girl, an aloof young Australian, and a troubled ex-prodigy. Hunted by enemies they never knew they had, and afflicted with temporal abilities they never wanted, the sisters and their new companions embarked on a cross-country journey to find the one man who can give them shelter.

Now, six months after their tumultuous arrival in New York City, the Silvers find themselves in more trouble than ever. Their new world is dying, and a clan of powerful timebenders believes that killing them is the only way to stop it. The U.S. government has sent its most ruthless spy agency to track and capture them. And a new pair of allies—with their own terrifying abilities—endangers the group from within.

But their biggest threat of all may be the people who first saved them: the godlike Pelletiers. They had a reason for bringing the Silvers to this world. And when our heroes learn the awful truth, nothing will ever be the same.

Available now in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook. 748 pages.

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Praise for The Song of the Orphans

“A worthy and thrilling follow-up to The Flight of the Silvers; the wait for Book 3 will be tough to bear.”
…………— Kirkus (starred review)

“A brilliantly imagined fantasy.”
…………— Booklist (starred review)

The Song of the Orphans is a sharp, smart piece of science-fiction. Price has not only recaptured the grand scale of Book One, but expanded upon it. It’s a narrative that unspools cinematically in the mind’s eye; there’s a visual acuity at work here that is wonderful and rare.”
…………— The Maine Edge

“Conjures a detailed, fantastic alternate Earth, populated with vulnerable, relatable characters from this Earth who readers will enthusiastically follow anywhere. Speculative fiction writers wear imagination like a suit of clothes, and Daniel Price has a closetful.”
…………Robert Buettner, bestselling author of The Golden Gate

“Daniel Price bends genres like his characters bend time and matter, layering sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery in a story that will swallow you whole. The Song of the Orphans is entertaining, poignant, visceral, and above all, smart. One can only hope that the third installment of Price’s trilogy arrives as soon as possible.”
…………Lily Brooks-Dalton, author of Good Morning, Midnight

“Dazzlingly original and nimbly told, Daniel Price’s Silvers series brims with mind-bending fun.”
…………Brendan Duffy, author of House of Echoes


Seven Questions About The Song of the Orphans

Is this another “Silvers run around while everyone tries to kill them” book, or are you changing up the formula?
Something big happens around the 40% mark that radically alters the status quo. The Silvers will find themselves in a brand new situation, with new opportunities and challenges.

Of course, there’ll still be people trying to kill them but, hey, that’s just how it goes when you’re a timebending alien on an alternate Earth.

Do we get to meet some of the other survivors from the Silvers’ world?
Oh yes. The Golds (what’s left of them) are major new characters. You’ll also meet the Coppers and their very unique roster.

What about the Pelletiers? Will we finally learn who they are and what they want with the Silvers?
The mysteries of the Pelletiers are cracked wide open in The Song of the Orphans. You’ll learn exactly what they want and what they’re willing to do to get it.

Are Hannah and Amanda still the main focus of the story?
The Song of the Orphans is more of an ensemble book. David, Zack, and Mia all take center stage at various points, though none of them will be happy after what I do to them.

That said, there’s still plenty happening with the Great Sisters Given. Big life changes are coming for both of them.

Is the novel accessible for people who haven’t read The Flight of the Silvers in a while, or will we be hopelessly lost?
I weaved a bunch of plot reminders into The Song of the Orphans’ opening chapters. But if you really want to brush up on The Flight of the Silvers without re-reading the book, you should check out the recap materials on this website, including the plot summary, the character guide, and the Altamerican glossary.

What other things can I expect to see in The Song of the Orphans?
Oh, a whole lot of stuff, such as:

  1. Tempic wolves
  2. A deadly new form of temporis
  3. Zack vs. the Pelletiers
  4. Mia vs. a whole mess of government agents
  5. A breakneck battle in a runaway aerstraunt
  6. Amanda laying a tempic smackdown on the Gothams
  7. Theo meeting the true messiah
  8. Hannah taking a life
  9. David falling in love
  10. Semerjean Pelletier changing everything the Silvers know…or thought they knew

Is this another beast of a novel?
Uh, yeah. It’s about 150 pages longer than The Flight of the Silvers. You’ll need to set aside some time for this one.