How many Silvers books will there be?
The series is a big fat trilogy consisting of:

  1. The Flight of the Silvers, which first came out in 2014.
  2. The Song of the Orphans, which was released in 2017.
  3. The War of the Givens, which was released in 2024.

What was the damn holdup on that third book?!
I’m very sorry about that. Persistent health issues, plus the debt I racked up while trying to treat those issues, had put me way behind on my progress. But the book is finally available around the world. The series is complete.

Is this going to be one of those “non-trilogy” trilogies where you spring a fourth book on us?
Nope. The story is done after The War of the Givens. If you knew the ending I have in mind, then you’ll understand why there won’t be any follow-ups.

Will there be any tie-in publications? A novella, perhaps?
I would love to write a novella that takes place between Books 2 and 3, a quieter story that fleshes out the world and gives new life to some of the supporting characters. Unfortunately, my schedule is completely dominated by The War of the Givens. As much as I want it, it ain’t gonna happen.

Is the whole series available as audiobooks?
Not only can you get the entire trilogy on audiobook, they’re all narrated by the same incredible talent: Rich Orlow.

Are the Silvers the main characters in all three books?
From start to finish.

Will we see other parts of this alternate Earth before the series is done?
Absolutely. The majority of The War of the Givens takes place in other countries, or at least their alt-world counterparts.

How does the whole story end?
With a preposition. I didn’t have very good English teachers.

Will you answer all our burning questions by the end of the series, or will you leave us hanging like a jerk?
All questions will be answered. All plotlines will be resolved. I will not Battlestar Galactica you. I swear it.

Hey, speaking of TV shows, is there anything happening with a movie or TV version of Silvers?
There have been a whole mess of people attached to the project over the last few years, including a big-ass production company and an Oscar-winning screenwriter, but nothing solid has developed yet. We’re pushing hard to turn Silvers into a TV series, because the books are way too big to be chopped into movies.

We’ll just have to wait to see what happens. The better the books sell, the greater the chance that they’ll get adapted.

Is there a way I can help spread the word about Silvers that doesn’t involve spending money or killing people?
As a matter of fact, yes. There are two simple things you can do.

First, write a thoughtful and honest review on Amazon. And I mean honest. Only give me the stars you think I deserve. If there was some aspect of the book you didn’t like, then mention it. Informed buyers make good readers. And the more reviews I get, the more Amazon adds The Flight of the Silvers to their recommendation algorithms. That makes a big difference in sales.

Second: lend your copy of Silvers to someone who might enjoy it. Many people are understandably skittish about shelling out money on a brand new writer. This takes the risk away, and it connects me to a potential reader I might not have found otherwise. That’s always a good thing.

Is there a way I can help that does involve killing people?
Okay, you just made this weird.


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