The Silvers

Hannah Given
Before her world ended, Hannah had been living uneasily as an actress, a singer, and an office temp worker. She sees herself as an emotional trainwreck, though she’s proven herself to be strong and resourceful in the face of danger.

Hannah is a shifter, with the power to slow down time and move faster than the people around her. Though her talents are formidable, her kinetic momentum leaves her brittle to damage.

Had a tumultuous relationship with her sister Amanda until the end of Book One. She’s also close friends with Theo after an all-too-brief romance.

Amanda Given
Once an oncology nurse in a crumbling marriage. Now she’s simply trying to hold on to her faith and sanity while she faces the perils of the new world. A smart and well-meaning woman who sometimes leaves people cold with her intensity.

Amanda’s a tempic who projects hard white force from her hands. Her powers work fine when she has control over her emotions. Other times, people and walls tend to get broken.

She’s romantically involved with Zack, though their relationship is hindered by the threat of Esis Pelletier, a cryptic warning to not “entwine” with him.

Zack Trillinger
A cartoonist from Brooklyn, Zack was only visiting San Diego when his world ended. He tends to hide his stress behind a glib sense of humor, to the annoyance of some.

Zack’s a turner, with the ability to reverse or advance time in a localized area. His talent gives him the power to heal and hurt people. He prefers healing.

Currently involved with Amanda. He also has a brother on this world who, according to Rebel, is dead. Zack doesn’t take his word for it and is eager to learn the truth himself.

Mia Farisi
A shy and bookish honor student, Mia grew up as the youngest of five siblings. She’s quickly become a cherished little sister to the Silvers, despite her low self-esteem.

Mia’s a traveler with the ability to create tiny portals in space and time. She currently uses them to receive prescient words of warning from her future selves, though some are more helpful than others. A few of these Mias are truly vicious to her, for reasons they don’t explain.

She’s currently learning how to teleport from Peter Pendergen, another traveler.

David Dormer
A young Australian who’s spent the last six years traveling the world with his father. Handsome, brave, and fiercely intelligent, though he can be a little odd at times. He also has the fewest qualms about hurting the people who threaten him and his friends.

David’s a lumic, with the power to see the past in any given area and recreate it in the form of sound and light. He can use his illusory talents for other tricks, such as limited invisibility.

Has a close rapport with Mia, though he doesn’t seem aware of her deeper feelings for him.

Theo Maranan
A former prodigy, a law school dropout, and a longtime alcoholic, Theo was by far the weakest of the Silvers. Thanks to the compassion of his new friends (especially Hannah), he slowly recovered, and is now a valuable part of the group.

Theo is an augur, with the ability to see the future and its branching possibilities. His unique ability to visit the God’s Eye at will sets him apart from the other augurs of the world.

At the end of Flight of the Silvers, Peter tells Theo that he’s the only one who can find the solution to this world’s apocalyptic problem, a role that essentially makes him a messiah.


The Pelletiers

Azral White-haired, blue-eyed, eerily tall, and almost freakishly beautiful. He appears to be the leader of the Pelletiers, despite the fact that Semerjean and Esis are his parents. He always wears the same outfit: a sharp gray business suit with an open-collared shirt.

Azral gave silver bracelets to Hannah and Theo, as has taken a strong interest in both of them. It has not yet been revealed what the Pelletiers truly want with the Silvers.

Esis Dark-haired and lovely, with deep black irises that sparkle with instability, Esis comes across as a crazy woman, mostly due to her mercurial temper and her bizarrely cryptic references. But for a mad and powerful killer, she dresses very nicely.

Esis gave silver bracelets to David and Amanda, and seems rather obsessed with the latter. She’s warned Amanda twice now to not “entwine with the funny artist,” presumably Zack.

Semerjean The third and most mysterious of the Pelletiers. When he helped save the Givens from a freeway explosion, many years ago, he appeared as a brown-haired man in a baseball cap. Now he hides himself behind a mask of tempis, and is rarely seen with Azral and Esis.

According to Evan Rander, Semerjean is on special assignment somewhere, and he’s an extreme bastard, even by Pelletier standards.

Like his wife and son, Semerjean has every single power the Silvers have, and then some.


The Gothams

Rebel Rosen The stalwart leader of the group that’s trying to hunt and kill the Silvers. Rebel believes that the breachers are responsible for the world’s impending demise, and that the only way to save the Earth is to destroy them. Though he’s lost six friends and a hand in his attempts to kill the Silvers, he had an easier time killing most of the Golds.

Rebel is an augur who uses his foresight to guide his gun hand, making him an extremely deadly marksman. He can shoot his targets through cover objects and with complex ricochets.

Peter Pendergen He was a young orphan in Ireland when the Gothams discovered him. Now at 37, he’s an exile of the clan for refusing to believe Rebel’s prophecy. He uses his special travelers’ rapport with Mia to communicate with her, and is determined to give the Silvers a safe haven. He believes that Theo is the one who will truly stop the coming apocalypse.

Peter is widowed, with a 14-year-old son who still lives among the Gothams.

Ivy Sunder Rebel’s wife and co-leader of the group, a beautiful and intelligent woman of Indian descent. Though she’s a powerful traveler, like Peter, she stays on the back lines of battle due to her advanced pregnancy.
Gemma Sunder Ivy’s 10-year-old niece. Precocious, nasty, but blisteringly smart. Like Evan, Gemma’s a looper, which allows her to send her consciousness back in time. Her ability to extract detailed information from the future makes her a crucial member of Rebel and Ivy’s crusade.
Mercy Lee One of the few pure-blooded Asians of the Gotham clan, Mercy’s a recent recruit to Rebel’s team, having joined after the Pelletiers kidnapped her brother. Esis deliberately spared Mercy’s life in Flight of the Silvers, in the belief that she’ll become useful in the future.

Mercy’s a solic, which lets her block the temporal abilities of machines and people.


Other important characters

Evan Rander The seventh Silver. Like Hannah and the others, Evan’s an alien to this Earth. But his unique ability to send his consciousness back in time has put him in an awful situation. He lives the same five years over and over again, trapped between the death of his native world and the death of the new one. Jaded, angry, and a little bit crazy, Evan chooses to spend his time tormenting his fellow Silvers, most especially Hannah, for slights and transgressions that they made against him in previous timelines.

Though slight in stature, Evan has proven to be a formidable enemy to the Silvers thanks to his extensive knowledge of them and his ability to jump back in time to correct past mistakes. He always comes prepared and he’s nearly impossible to surprise.

Melissa Masaad Special agent of DP-9, the federal law enforcement unit that handles crimes of temporal technology. After Amanda hurts two policeman with her unique tempic power, Melissa becomes the lead agent in charge of the Silvers’ capture. Sadly for them, Melissa’s both smart and adaptable, which makes her a tenacious adversary.

Despite her obsessive desire to apprehend Amanda and company, Melissa follows the law to the letter and respects all human rights, even when she’s not entirely sure her targets are human.

At the end of The Flight of the Silvers, Melissa leaves DP-9 to join Integrity, a ruthless and powerful intelligence agency that has made capturing the Silvers a top priority.

Cedric Cain A longtime veteran of Integrity, and the former head of their science division, Cain is eager to learn everything there is to know about the otherworldly Silvers. Unfortunately, his agency takes a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach to foreign threats, so Cain recruits Melissa to help him protect the Silvers from Integrity. She takes him at his word, though a part of her suspects that the old man is using her and the Silvers to advance his own secret agenda.
Ioni A cute and cryptic young woman who keeps mysteriously appearing in the Silvers’ lives. All they know about her is that she’s strange, she’s friendly, she wears two watches, and she has extremely detailed knowledge of the future. Ioni seems particularly interested in Theo, her fellow augur, and has expressed clear hatred for the Pelletiers.

At the end of Book One, Ioni gives Hannah specific instructions on how to find another survivor from her Earth, a good-hearted man who’ll be appearing in a Manhattan tavern in six months’ time.


Some dead guys worth remembering

Sterling Quint The head of the scientific research facility that first sheltered the Silvers, Quint secretly took all his orders from Azral Pelletier. Sadly for him, Rebel’s attack on the Silvers changed Azral’s plans and made Quint useless to him. Azral killed him, along with every other physicist who worked at the facility.
Josh Trillinger Zack’s older brother, who had apparently also been spared from apocalypse and brought to the new world. If Evan and Rebel are both to be believed, Josh was one of the six Golds who were murdered by Rebel in a New York research facility in September.
Jury Curado One of the original nine Silvers. Stabbed in an alley by Evan Rander, who was jealous of the love affair that Jury and Hannah had in previous timelines. Though Hannah has no memory of Jury, Evan made it painfully clear that he took a good man out of her life.