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Warning! This FAQ is for readers who finished The Flight of the Silvers and have lingering questions. It contains gobs and gobs of plot spoilers. If you’re new to the book and want to learn more, go to The Flight of the Silvers info page.

Plot questions

At the start of the book, five-year old Hannah detects the bubble shape of the Pelletiers’ temporal shift field. Does that mean she already had a hint of chronokinetic ability as a little girl?
Sure seems that way.

Then why wasn’t she shifting and speeding on the old world?
That will be explained in The Song in the Orphans.

Was the old world truly destroyed or was it simply replaced by this alternate Earth?
Destroyed. The Silvers were physically transported to another Earth. Call it lateral time travel.

But the Silvers all arrived in the same geophysical location that they were standing in on the old world, correct?
Correct. Same latitude, same longitude and (unfortunately for some) same altitude.

How did Azral first recruit Sterling Quint?
I’d originally written a whole scene that explained it, but my editor and I trimmed it to keep the story moving. All you need to know is that Azral had a foot in both worlds, and the promise of scientific glory was more than enough to get Quint on board.

Why is Evan Rander stuck living the same five years over and over again?
He’s stuck on two fronts. For starters, his rewind ability doesn’t extend past his first few minutes on the new world, in the little convenience store of Nico Mundis. That’s as far back as he can jump, to his annoyance.

Secondly, there’s the apocalypse that occurs in five years’ time. That’s as far forward as he can progress without dying with the rest of the human race. So right before each apocalypse, he jumps all the way back to the beginning. A full restart of events.

The whole process has made him cynical, to put it mildly.

If Evan’s done this 55 times already, then he’s hundreds of years old in his mind.
Yes. And sadly, none the wiser.

Why is there barely any mention of David and his weirdness struggles in Chapter 10?
Another casualty of text edits. I originally had a good 4-5 pages of David coming to grips with his temporal ability, but the chapter was dragging on. His weirdness, unlike Mia’s, was also fairly easy to explain.

How did Rebel and the Gothams find the Silvers at Sterling Quint’s facility? How did the Pelletiers not see the attack coming?
Both those questions have the same answer, and you’ll learn it in The Song of the Orphans. For now, let’s just say that Rebel had help from a very surprising source.

What makes Rebel think the Silvers are responsible for the impending destruction of his Earth?
The Silvers want to know the same thing! They’ll find out halfway through The Song of the Orphans, and they won’t like the answer.

Why didn’t Mia get everyone to evacuate the Pelletier facility the minute she got her warning about Rebel’s attack?
Because she had cause to doubt the information from her future selves. As you see a few chapters later, she comes to regret her decision, especially after Hannah calls her out on it.

Why wasn’t Future Mia more specific about what was coming and how it could be stopped?
The Future Mias aren’t always the most reliable of sources, especially since sending those notes doesn’t affect their lives one way or another.

Why did Azral let the Silvers go as they were escaping Terra Vista?
In light of Rebel’s attack, Azral looked to the future and came up with a whole new plan for the Silvers.

And that plan is…?
You’ll find out in Book Two. But one thing’s already clear: the Pelletiers want our heroes to get to Peter Pendergen.

Why does Azral kill all of Quint’s physicists in Chapter 13?
As he later explains to Theo, he saw future complications arising from their continued existence, ones that jeopardized his schemes. The Pelletiers look to the future a lot, and base most of their decisions on factors that other people (including the reader) can’t see.

How does Evan Rander always know where to find the Silvers?
Mostly through hindsight knowledge. Keep in mind, this is a guy who can rewind his life as often as he sees fit.

How does Peter send his introductory letter to Mia in Chapter 17?
The letter was from a future Peter. He was sitting next to Future Mia when she sent it.

What’s the deal with the two conflicting future notes that Mia receives about Peter (trust him/don’t trust him)?
That mystery cracks wide open in The Song of the Orphans.

Why is Amanda the only one who dyes her hair in Chapter 19? Shouldn’t they all change their appearance since they’re fugitives?
The Silvers assume that Amanda was the only one the cops got an extended look at. Of course they’re working from old-world assumptions, and forgot about the awesome power of ghost drills.

They’re not the most experienced criminals out there.

Why are Zack and David the only two Silvers in a hurry to get to Peter?
Amanda and Hannah still fear he’s not the benevolent figure he claims to be. Mia’s still thrown by the conflicting notes of warning she got about him. And Theo’s been rattled about Peter ever since he had that unpleasant chat with Evan Rander.

Why doesn’t Zack pitch a fit when Amanda and David decide to spend $50,000 on charity giveaways in Chapter 22?
He did. That was another mini-scene cut from my fat early drafts of the story.

In any case, Mia’s note from the future made it very clear that money is the one thing the Silvers will never have to worry about again, and the others are inclined to believe her. Amanda and David wouldn’t have given away all that cash otherwise.

Why does Evan want Zack to leave the Silvers and join him?
Zack’s the only Silver who Evan truly misses as a friend. The two of them are, as Evan describes, nerds of a feather. Also, Zack’s a walking lexicon of old-world pop culture. Aside from tormenting the Givens, there’s nothing that makes Evan happier than reminiscing about old-world pop culture.

Is it true that the Pelletiers chose 99 people from ten different cities on the Silvers’ native world?
Everything Evan tells Zack about the Pelletiers is true, though he may have left out a crucial detail or two.

How does Hannah wake up healed from her big concussion in Chapter 24?
It’s safe to assume that the Pelletiers swooped in by portal in the middle of the night and reversed her back to full health.

David was sleeping right next to her. Why didn’t he wake up and notice?
Maybe the Pelletiers zonked him out before he could see them. Or maybe he’s a heavy sleeper. Who can say? I sure can’t.

Why does Theo risk arrest by leaving the hotel room?
Because they were all out of food. But where his foresight failed him, dumb luck prevailed.

In Chapter 25, what’s the deal with that note from the future that spontaneously combusts before Mia can read it?
Another mystery that cracks wide open in Book Two. Suffice it to say that there’s something Future Mia knows that someone doesn’t want Present Mia knowing.

Who the heck is the girl with two watches that Theo and Mia meet in Chapter 26?
You’ll learn more about Ioni in The Song of the Orphans. She plays a pivotal role in the next two books in the trilogy.

What’s the deal with Theo’s neurological illness?
His brain has suffered five years of alcohol abuse, plus the coma he experienced after that toxic reaction to a baby spot sedative. Between all that damage and his awakening as a super-powerful augur, he was all but destined for some cerebral discomfort. Ioni wasn’t kidding when she likened his experience to birth pains.

What’s the deal with Cedric Cain, the tall old guy from the National Integrity Commission who’s introduced in Chapter 27?
Both Cedric Cain and Integrity play a crucial role in The Song of the Orphans.

What exactly is that metal ring the doctors found in Theo’s brain?
As Theo correctly guesses in Chapter 29, the Pelletiers put it there while he was in his coma. Azral later explains that it’s simply a tool that allows him and Theo to communicate in the God’s Eye, but Theo suspects it does more than that.

If the Silvers are so important to the Pelletiers, why didn’t Azral and Esis step in to rescue Amanda and Theo from the Deps? 
Because they’re augurs. They looked to the future and knew that the Silvers would do a fine job on their own.

All things considered, the Deps are lucky Azral and Esis didn’t step in. Their rescue effort would have left a lot more corpses.

Why aren’t the other Silvers more concerned about David’s injury? Shouldn’t they try to get him medical help?
After everything that happened at the health fair, the Silvers are painfully aware that even basic medical help is too risky. And when you consider the fact that David’s injury isn’t life threatening, all Amanda can do is treat the wound and make sure it doesn’t get infected.

Is David right about all the Silvers being siblings with each other?
No. The kid’s smart, but he’s not always right.

Why didn’t Hannah and Theo get a warning from the Pelletiers before they “entwined”?
Again: the Pelletiers are augurs. They looked to the future and saw that Hannah and Theo didn’t have one.

Zack and Amanda, on the other hand, apparently have much more potential as a couple. And Esis doesn’t like that one bit.

And yes, you’ll learn exactly why in The Song of the Orphans.

Will you ever stop teasing me about that damn book?
Doesn’t seem likely.

If Ioni knows so much about the future, why doesn’t she warn Hannah about the big ambush that’s waiting for the Silvers in the office building?
Hannah asks herself the same question on the very last page of The Flight of the Silvers. She’ll be sure to ask it again the next time she sees Ioni.

Is Ioni telling the truth about the Pelletiers being responsible for the death of the Silvers’ world?
Yup. You’ll know the how and the why very soon.

What the hell is up with that scary third Pelletier, the one who’s all covered in tempis?
Semerjean plays a major, major role in The Song of the Orphans. By the end of the book, you’ll know everything there is to know about him.

In Chapter 33, you introduce us to the God’s Eye. It’s weird. What were you smoking when you came up with that idea?
I’ll have you know I was eating Nutella.

Why doesn’t Zack try to heal Mia right away in Chapter 34? Why does Theo have to convince him?
Because the last living thing he tried to heal exploded on him.

Why did Evan wait so long to tell the sisters about the coming apocalypse?
He was saving it up for when he knew it would hurt the most. He’s all about the timing.

Why did Peter leave his son behind with the Gothams?
Because with all the different people hunting the Silvers, he figured the boy would be safer back at home. Whether or not he figured correctly remains to be seen.

Is there a chance that Rebel’s right and the Silvers need to die in order to save the world?
There is a small chance of that, I’m afraid.

Do you know how much I’ll hate you if that’s the case?
I’m guessing “a lot.”

At the very end of the book, Ioni sets Hannah on a course to meet a new man. Who is he?
That’s one of the first things you’ll learn in The Song of the Orphans.

When do I get to READ The Song of the Orphans?!
July 4th!!!

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