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Pelletier questions

The Pelletiers went out of their way to save Hannah and Amanda on that freeway, seventeen years ago. Why weren’t they more proactive about keeping some of the other Silvers (like Jury Curado and Natalie Tipton-Elder) alive?
The Pelletiers definitely don’t view their chosen ones equally. The why and the how will be explained in The Song of the Orphans.

What’s the deal with that third Pelletier, the one who isn’t Azral or Esis?
Another mystery for Book Two. What, you expect me to spill all the beans in the first volume?

Why did the Silvers have to be gathered individually when they arrived on the new world? Why didn’t the Pelletiers just zap them directly to Sterling Quint’s building in Terra Vista?
Whenever you’re tempted to begin a question with “Why didn’t the Pelletiers…”, remind yourself: they’re augurs. Very, very powerful augurs. The main reason they do or don’t do something is because they’re see the futures and draw assurance in the strong likelihood that things will go their way.

In this case, they knew the Silvers that they considered important would make it just fine to Terra Vista.

If the Pelletiers are choosing siblings, why didn’t any of Mia’s brothers get bracelets?
Perhaps they didn’t have the same genetic quirk that the Pelletiers were looking for. Perhaps the Pelletiers already had enough subjects for their purposes.

Or perhaps the assumption is wrong and there is indeed another Farisi on the new world. Time will tell.

Why is Esis so crazy?
She’s a lot older than she looks, and her mind isn’t what it used to be. That said, a lot of her comments will actually make sense in retrospect, once more pieces of the puzzle are revealed.

Why does she keep referring to Azral as her “wealth”?
Just her term of endearment for her only son, who she treasures above all others. Whenever she refers to her heart, she’s talking about the Semerjean Pelletier, her husband.

Why did the Pelletiers give the Silvers their temporal abilities?
It’s not a given that they did. In any case, that will be explained in Book Two.

Why did they let Natalie Tipton-Elder die in Chapter 9?
The Pelletiers consider some of their subjects to be more expendable than others. Clearly, Natalie wasn’t one of the important ones.

Are the Pelletiers somehow responsible for the Cataclysm too?
No. You’ll learn the truth about that event, as well as its significance, before the series is over.

Why do they let Rebel live after everything he did to Esis in Chapter 33?
Because they still need him for something.

Why do they let Evan Rander live after everything he’s done?
As Azral explains in Chapter 33, Evan’s learned some interesting information from his many trips through the same five-year period. He occasionally provides the Pelletiers with that information, which is the only reason they put up with his anti-Given shenanigans.

But clearly their patience is limited, as Evan learns the hard way in Chapter 34.

But if the Pelletiers are super-powerful augurs, why would they need Evan’s information?
As Azral also explains in Chapter 33, even the best augurs can only see the future from their own perspective. Evan has a vantage point that the Pelletiers lack. So does Theo.


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